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Composer Spotlight: Melody Loveless and Meow (Re)Mix

Anyone that knows me knows that I like cats…. a lot. So I was really excited when Melody Loveless decided her Den of Death piece was going to be about cats! Specifically, CAT MEMES. Who likes cats and the internet more than me? Not that many people exist. I was like:

Excited!!!!!!!!! o((=゚ェ^=))o''ワクワク♪

In Meow (Re)Mix, a piece “mostly about being addicted to the internet and partially about cats,” Melody Loveless warps and combines together a variety of the world’s most beloved cat songs, including:

Meow Mix:

Nyan Cat:

Some favorites from the musical Cats:
Jellicle Cats


Keyboard Cat

We’ll be performing Melody’s piece at our Den of Death concert on December 20 at the Cell Theatre! Come see it and pick your favorite theme (or if you already have picked it, get in an argument with Patti about what key Nyan Cat sounds best in.)


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