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Composer Spotlight: Eric Lemmon and Circles and Lines

Circles and Lines is a composer collective that represents a wide range of musical lives, drawing from a equally wide range of cultures and aesthetics – the group’s members have composed music for film and dance, musical theatre numbers, and, of course, music for music’s sake. Cadillac Moon, similarly, aims to build a repertoire that is not only fun for us, but well-rounded; we want a little bit of everything! We have already commissioned pieces from Conrad and Angelica and performed a duo for violin and cello by Noam, so we’re finishing the set with new commissions from Eric and Dylan!

Eric Lemmon, violist, composer and main coordinator for Circles and Lines, has been friends with Patti since their beginnings of youth orchestra and cocktail hour gigs in Miami. After going to NYU together, Eric attended Mannes and University of Miami, then returned to NYC. Occasionally, Eric will come over to Patti and Sean’s apartment a few blocks away to eat dinner and talk percussion with Sean. Eric has been a friend of Cadillac Moon Ensemble for years, and we’re so happy to finally premiere a piece by him!

From Eric:

Canis Major for Cadillac Moon Ensemble
Canis Major is a piece for Flute, Violin, Cello and Percussion that I am writing for the wonderful people in Cadillac Moon Ensemble. The work is based around different astronomical bodies that partly make up the constellation that gives the piece its title. It is made up of five movements, three primary ‘location’ movements which represent the main bulk of the work, and two ‘traveling’ movements, based around slower than light and faster than light travel.

The titles of each movement are:

  • I. Wolf-Rayet Star EZ CMa
  • a. STL: Wormhole
  • II. IC2177
  • b. FTL Quantum Tunnel
  • III. Sirius

Working with Cadillac Moon has been a great deal of fun. I got a chance to listen in and work on some of my piece while Cadillac Moon recorded excerpts of the work for broadcasts that will be appearing on WVUM and WRIU in the upcoming months and having the feedback of the ensemble as I am writing the piece has been an incredible boon. In the past, I usually tried to write an entire piece before presenting it to players, and then fixing minute details. Here I am able to get direct feedback from the players in real time as I write the music.  The honest feedback from my friends in Cadillac moon has helped shape my understanding on how the instruments best work together and has made writing this piece a fantastic experience.

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