Cadillac Moon Ensemble

Composer Spotlight: Dylan Glatthorn and Circles and Lines

Dylan Glatthorn of Circles and Lines composes music for film, music for theatre, and recently, music for us! Dylan’s new piece “Fever Dreams” will be premiered at our concert in late April, and we asked him a few questions about what it was like to write for us and work with us recording the excerpts.

Dylan writes:

I first heard the Cadillac Moon Ensemble at their concert at St. Peter’s Lutheran Church in 2011, though I’d known Patti for many years before that. I was immediately drawn to the unique sounds they were able to create through their unconventional combination of instruments. A quartet comprised of flute, violin, cello, and percussion is pretty much built to play new music, so I was thrilled to be given the opportunity to write for them.

“Fever Dreams”, the piece I wrote for the ensemble, is a one-movement work based around two contrasting themes—one slow and introspective, the other fast and relentless. Writing for such an unusual combination of instruments was a welcomed challenge, and I wanted to make sure to feature those contrasting colors. For instance, there’s a section that features the strings and vibraphone in swelling tremolos, and another with the violin and cello in legato double stops for a string quartet like sound; a middle section that serves as a cadenza for the percussion, and another that features a melodic flute over pizzicato strings.

A few weeks ago, we went into the studio to record an excerpt from the piece for our upcoming interviews with WVUM and WRIU. I had only just finished writing it a week before, and this would be the ensemble’s first time playing it together. I must say, while this might seem terrifying, the ensemble pulled it off as if they’d been rehearsing it for months. It’s such a rare pleasure to work with an ensemble of this caliber, and I look forward to hearing them perform the piece in full.

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